Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools in America- Turkey's students rank poor in Math and Science

So how was it that the Gulen Movement conned the USA educational system that they had some sort of stellar education?  Here is a novel idea for the Gulen Movement:  Why don't you return all your great teachers back to Turkey and rescue THEIR failing educational system.
A recent World Bank report showed that the average Turkish 15-year-old is below his or her average OECD counterpart in reading, math and science.

The press release of the report states that although education has significantly improved in Turkey in the last decade, the country still faces problems in terms of the “equity and quality” of the education system.

 Just 16 percent of 15-year-olds attend schools with “average reading, math or science test scores that are comparable to or above the Economic Development and Cooperation, or OECD average.” There is an even wider gap among students caused by the varying degree of educational quality provided, according to the report. The most important factor for this gap comes from the “socio-economic and family background of individuals.”

Education quality

Not only are the low coverage and inequity in access to early childhood education important problems in Turkey, but the quality of pre-primary education also appears to be fairly low, the report said.

In a recent publication by UNICEF, out of ten indicators considered for assessing the quality and access standards of childhood development, Turkey met only three, ranking at the bottom of OECD countries.
Turkey’s student population comprises more than 12 million children, roughly 11 million in primary education and slightly more than 1 million in pre-primary education. More than 137,000 new children entered the system last year, at different levels of education.

According to the report, Turkey must improve education in order “to respond to the growth and competitive ambitions of the country.” Better early childhood education, more efficient teachers, better systems of financing and more accountability are all possible solutions to the challenges, the report said.

Bold reforms in these areas are needed if Turkey wants to significantly enhance the set of skills with which the average student leaves the education system and if the country intends to reduce the existing inequality across provinces, districts, schools and students, the report added.

Another recent report by the OECD also showed that Turkey ranks low in rates of higher-education, exhibits gender disparities and has high unemployment rates among youth. Accordingly, only 18 percent of Turks attend university education, while the avarage among Economic Development and Cooperation, or OECD countries is 40


  1. having taught at one of these charter schools, I can vouch for the widespread cheating, which is backed up by professors so hard up to make their students look good, that the teachers do the work for the kids, espec that which wins all these so called math and science fairs.

    Fact is, once these kids leave high school and go onto college, a good share of them are let go at the end of the first year...and onto a different college to be let go again, ad nauseum, thus ending up at 3-4 colleges barely squeaking through to graduation. MOST TELLING HOWEVER, IS FEW EVER MAJOR IN MATH OR SCIENCE OR COMPUTERS OR ENGINEERING, BUT MANY DO IN FACT MAJOR IN POLY SCIENCE...and this mr and mrs america should be a hugh red flag and a bigger wakeup call when poly sci reigns supreme. Basically this is the fraud's way of putting on ground, his soldiers to wend their way into the political scene of american life. Who needs misfits who can't even do high school work, let alone, flunk out of college year after year and gravitate to useless degrees in poly science. Only those who are looking to be predators on their 'constituents' will have a major in Political Science..the province of those who can't make it any other way, thus they think that by sucking off john q public, they just might survive. Too bad and sooo sad!

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      thank you.

  2. Same things going on all over Ohio, I'm in the same boat as the anonymous guy above

  3. ANON, Ohio Teachers Association Sue Taylor knows a lot about this. Unfortunately these liar Gulenists have snow jobbed some of your state education officials
    They were given free trips to Turkey and staged tours of Gulen schools. They believe that Turkey is tops in education because the Gulenists have told them so.
    In reality, if they had done their research they would find Turkey ranks below average on education- math and science including.

    The school districts throughout the USA are now learning about the Gulen Movement and their public relations, marketing and advertising. Managing a charter school after all is a business.
    You did know that Concept Schools the manager of the Ohio Schools was audited on their h1-b Visas and had to pay back over $13,000 in fees. Seems they were charging the American tax payers for their visa applications.
    Conversely Salim et al are laundering money from Niagara Foundation and from tax payers to pay for their stupid Turkish Olympiads.
    They can advertise their schools as "award winning" etc., but in reality it is their OWN contests (Gulen NGOs ) that sponser CONSEF, Science Olympiad, Turkish Olympiad and the rest.

    They are skillful liars, you can look them in the eye and ask about Gulen and they dance around with every can answer but the truth.
    In Turkey, they have taken over the education system and other departments.

    Non-Gulenists are getting pushed out of the good jobs. Unemployment for teachers in Turkey is 300,000