Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
Gulen Empire map from Turkish Newspaper. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship who have filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTUBE

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bob Blumenfield and the Reseda Town Center Scam with #MagnoliaScienceAcademy

On June 15, 2018 just 2 weeks before Magnolia Science Academy's CEO / Superintendent Dr. Caprice Young stepped down from her vulture perch at MERF, there was a ground breaking ceremony quietly ushered in by Gulen political tool City Counclilman Bob Blumenfield who has been in the pockets of the Gulen Movement since at least 2011, here is Blumenfield as an Assemblyman opening the Gulen Non-Profit fake Dialogue PACIFICA INSTITUTE one of the hundreds of Gulen dialogue centers in the USA luring in different religious and political leaders.

Bob Blumenfield has had long term ties to the Gulen Movement's Pacifica Institute and their Magnolia Science Academy, regularly showing up to their school and sending his flunky aid to LAUSD in October 18, 2016 hearing to speak in support of Renewal of Magnolia Science Academy #1 #2 and #3, all which FAILED and the schools were denied renewal.

Dr. Caprice Young their prior CEO/Superintendent who made $250,000 a year is married to Mark Dierking who was appointed to the SV Planning Commission (he is a land commissioner) by the Mayor of Los Angeles., Mark Dierking the hubby of Caprice Young sweetened the deal on the Reseda Town Center Plan #241 placing Magnolia #1 (Reseda) in the good graces of Blumenfield for at least 3 years. This inner corrupt workings of Mark Dierking who has / had privvy to these redevelopment lands and the connection/ conduit between Bob Blumenfield and Magnolia Science Academy (his lying wife's employer) shoud be investigated for wrong doing.

Mustafa Sahin the Gulenist Principal of Magnolia Science Academy #1 was even appointed to the Reseda Town Center Steering Committee and sent a letter of approval to Bob Blumenfield for the Reseda Town Center . Of course, Mustafa did as the Gulen Movement will benefit from land owner ship at the expense of the American Tax Payer. MERF will be on the ownership / title of the property while Americans make the payments.

City of Los Angeles, Ethics please investigate Mark Dierking and Bob Blumenfields ties and ethics to the Gulen Turkish Mafia - review the records and application of Magnolia Science Academy.

An Ethics Probe is needed IMMEDIATELY on Mark Dierking of SV Planning Commission who has helped to facilitate this land grab for his wife's employer.  Coast To Coast Gulen Movement Schools are land grabbing with land scams

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Magnolia Science Academy #1 Steals Redevelopment funds via #Mark Dierking (Caprice Young's Husband)

How does a school that has been denied renewal by LAUSD and barely accepted by the LACOE, lied on previously applications.  Failure to disclose lawsuits with staff and student families, NAACP charges of racism, sexism and bigotry not to mention over 200 H1 b visas of employees that never worked for Magnolia? 

(after recommendation of denial by staff, and County Superintendent) voted in by a "selected board" get redevelopment funds.  More Later but the answer is it has to do with Caprice Young's husband Mr. Mark Dierking.   These are not high performing schools all Gulen Schools Claim to be "blue Ribbon" and "US News and World Report Schools" 

Bob Blumenfield you got taken in by a group of pathlogical liars and their American puppets like Caprice Young and her husband Mark Dierking who is on the South Valley Planning Comission as well as is the Community Relations person for Transportation which has privvy to land and funding to be developed especially to transportation Reseda Station #2.   Bob Blumenfeld you slept with the dogs and now you will catch fleas with these liars. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Who is Tarkan Topcuoglu

Current principal of Hampden Charter School of Science, previously Principal with Central Jersey College Prep Charter School where he made the usual Gulenist claims "Top performing schools" "Blue Ribbon School" "waiting list" "US News and World Report Ranking"   If you run Gulen operated charter schools like #DoveScienceAcademy #MagnoliaScienceAcademy #HorizonScienceAcademy et al they ALL make the same claims

Priior to Central Jersey College Prep Charter School, Tarkan Topcuoglu worked at the now closed Gulen private school Putnam Science Academy, Putnam was sold to a private group and  shortly thereafter Tarkan was named prinicipal of HCSS.  

No we aren't part of the Gulen Movement 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hampden Charter School of Science HCSS discussion on Gulen Movement and unethical illegal practices of the Gulen Movement

Lawyer for Republic of Turkey to Massachusetts: Demand investigation of charter schools with ties to controversial Muslim cleric

Hampden Charter School of Science West Springfield expansion discussed and scorned in Turkish News

Article in top Turkish news print about proposed Hampden Charter School of Science in West Springfield, MA.  the ex teacher who worked there, Turkish American residence of West Springfield who are strongly opposed to this school.  The low class conversion of a prior Catholic School.  2 Senators and a representative of the law firm that represents the Republic Of Turkey in the Gulen Investigation was present to field questions from the audience.