Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gulen Charter School- Applicant of new Raliegh Charter School arrested for failure to appear

Kenan Gundogdu   ("Gun Dog Doo")
 This applicant is an irresponsible 34 year old punk that should not be trusted around American children.  Professor of Crap is what he is Gun Dog Doo
An N.C. State University professor who wants to start a new charter school in Raleigh was arrested earlier this month for failing to appear in court on earlier charges.
Kenan Gundogdu, 34, has applied to start the Triangle Math and Science Academy, which would be a spinoff of the Triad Math and Science Academy in Greensboro. The physics professor serves on the Greensboro school's board.
According to court records, a Raleigh police officer cited Gundogdu on Dec. 3, 2011, for driving without insurance and for driving with a canceled, revoked or suspended tag. Raleigh police later arrested Gundogdu, who lives in Cary, for failing to appear in court, a misdemeanor. He was released from the Wake County jail on $500 bail, a spokeswoman said.
Gundogdu is scheduled to appear in court March 19, according to court records.
Gundogdu has been the lead applicant in three attempts to start the science-and-math-focused charter school in Raleigh. His two previous applications were not approved during the time when the state had a cap on the number of charter schools.
Once the state lifted the cap on charters last year, Gundogdu applied again under the "fast-track" process. The State Board of Education is scheduled to approve a list of "fast-track" applications on Feb. 29 and March 1. If approved, the schools could open in fall 2012.
Applicants have told state officials that they're eying the former Exploris Middle School in downtown Raleigh as a possible site for the K-6 school with 270 students the first year.
Gundogdu couldn't be immediately reached for comment.


  1. For a professor of condensed matter physics, one would expect him to have gone beyond fifth grade and know what it means to be within the law, but no, these turkish dudes always seem to think they are above the law. Just like they think they can come riding into our country, and just take over, they obviously also think that they are above the law. The photo above surely doesn't sync with the laughing face on his website at NC college. One would hope that him and his ilk make a 'fast track' back to Turkey. And take his string theory with him.

    I see that he was released from if only he could release himself from the psychological prison of Islam, instead of attempting to infiltrate american schoolboards in hopes of influencing the community on why allah is the way, the light, the very string theory of life. Refreshing to see that the writer who exposes big dudes faux pas, is also a turk/muslim by the sounds of her name..that is, Samiha Khanna...we need more of those women to speak out after centuries of being under the thumb of neanderthal nincompoops.

  2. The most aggreious crime is committed by the educational system. Why do american universities like Rutgers in NJ, promote the creation of charter schools by their appointed professors? Why do univerisities have the ability to manipulate the public school system in our country? Why is our public school system allowed to fail? These questions must be ansewered. The Turkish nationals that come to ur country and import teachers to teach our children are only manipulating the system that has been condoned by our public school system-in short, they are only taking advantage of our capitalist system that promotes the use of public tax funds for private profit. This is the real crime. Why don't we insist that all educators have a proficient use of the English language in every classroom-including the universities? This is not a xenophobic idea-it just makes sense. Read Ravitch's book on charter schools-charter schools are wrong-we need to keep public schools run by government, not provate individuals. I have worked in a Gulen school and have experienced the issues of provate run public schools-this must be ended by parents and teacher unions. I contacted the NJEA-they are not even trying to organize charter schools in NJ-they are weak. Teachers and parents must join in the effort to create an excellent public education system. We cannot blame the foreign nationals who come here and take advantage of the public school system that is a result of a capitalistic economy. We need to take responsibility for public education and stop just being consumers. Get involved in your childs education and demand an excellent system and these charter schools will go away. Demand the end to charter schools, in general. The establishment of the charter school system is the problem and the politicians and universities who have given up on educating children in America are the root of this problem.

  3. Gun Dog Doo,needs to be "fast tracked" out of the USA!!