Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
Gulen Empire map from Turkish Newspaper. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship who have filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTUBE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stop 135 Gulen Schools in the USA, SIGN PETITION to President Obama

Tell the US Government that as an American taxpayer you will no longer support the Gulen Movement.  They must be stopped and have no right teaching in American schools or involved with shaping American policies.  Send this petition to 5 of your friends and have them check for the list of charter schools in their area, stage a peaceful protest out front with local teachers and other proud Americans.

BA Labor and Community Activists Demand Closure Of Gulen Oakland Bay Are...

Protest in front of Gulen operated charter school in Oakland, CA  "Bay Area Technology School"
Turkish Americans
joined with other Americans to stop the Gulen Movement in the USA.

Notice the guy on the meridian behind this protesting taking video of those that oppose Gulen school?  See the woman next to him in her hibjab (scarf)  Gulencists?   They do like to try and intimidate people, doesn't work.

Gulenists frequently try to intimidate those that oppose them, this asshole showed up with a fake Press Pass to video tape and take photos of each person that opposes them.  In a targeting and threatening undertone, it will not work no one is happy with the Gulen Movement except members of the Gulen Movement. 

Fetullah Gulen Protestosu 1.eylem part-2 13.07.2013 Saylorsburg PA Usa (...

Turkish Americans protest at Gulen's compound in Saylorsburg, PA.
They stood their ground with concerned American Teachers, parents and citizens
They want to warn Ameirca of the dangers of harboring a criminal that must stand
charges in Turkey for disrupting a secular government. The reason for Gulen fleeing
to the USA and seeking asylum and living as a recluse in seclusion.
Gulen's Empire is estimated at $25 Billion

After the protest in front of Gulen's compound the brave Turkish Americans march into Saylorsburg, PA to warn their fellow Americans about the dangers of their reclusive and exiled neighbor.

Followed with filing criminal charges against Fethullah Mohammed Gulen, and asking that he return to Turkey to face his charges of attempting to overthrow a secular government.  It was after Gulen's famous "Getting into the arteries " speech that the Islamic Cult leader fled to the safety of the US Government into the arms of his buddy Graham Fuller CIA.  Fuller is the ex father in law of Boston Bomber's famous Uncle Ruslan and was one of the people who signed to overturn Gulen's denied green card.  Incidently the older Boston Bomber Tamerlan attended Gulen Turkish School in Tagistan.

Turkish Americans enjoy the freedom of this downtown park, free of brutality and abuse from local police.

Enjoying the local park in Saylorsburg, PA Turkish Americans respect the freedom and lack of Islamic constraints thrust upon their familes and friends back in Turkiye.  They want Americans to know the dangers of Gulen and his movement.

American Teachers, parents and concerned patriots marched side by side with Turkish Americans

Turkish Americans warning America about the dangers of Gulen Movement and his followers getting into the "arteries" of American Education and policy concerning hard working peace loving people. 

Every tax dollar that goes into these 135 charter schools owned and operated by the Gulenists is another dollar wired to Turkey to fund terrorism against peaceful protestors in Gezi Park.  Gulen and his followers must be stopped.  check out the sister site and learn of the Gulen's infiltration and bribing of American lawmakers.

hundreds of cars and motorcycles drive by the compound of exiled Imam Fethullah Mohammed Gulen, protesting his presence in America and the predictable nature of the Gulen Movement to agressively control education and politics as they have in Turkey and 100 more countries where they have a presence.
two Gulen goons, trying to look imposing and threatening with their suits on and electronic devices.

The state troopers were there to protect the public roads not to protect the exiled Islamic Cult leader.  They all were very polite and asked a few questions about the mysterous man, we believe they came away more educated about Gulen and the compound.

See the camera the Gulenist set up in this structure, it is over to the left on a tripod.  Probably wasn't plugged in.

State Troopers get an education on who Fethullah Gulen is and about the dangers of the man living in their country.  Some just shooked their heads in disbelief that the USA would allow such a controversial Cult Leader to take control of the largest network of charter schools in the USA.  Some already knew a little about him but one would venture to guess they will be doing more research on exiled Imam Fethullah Mohammed Gulen, the world's most dangerous Islamist.

State Trooper thanks protestors for being civil and respectful  




Friday, July 5, 2013

Americans protest at home of Fethullah Gulen, July 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

  • 1:00pm until 4:00pm in EDT
  • 1865 Mount Eaton Road iin Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353


    1- İstiklal Marşı
    ... 2-Atatürk, silah arkadaşları ve gezi eyleminde cemaat polisi tarafından hunharca katledilen arkadaşlarımız için 1 dakikalık saygı duruşu
    3-10. Yıl Marşı
    4-Hazırlanan bildirinin basına okunması ve dağıtılması
    5-fetullah gerçeğinin basın aracılığı ile hem ABD'ye hem de Dünya'ya anlatılması
    6-Eylemin bitişi

    YILANIN ADRESİ: 1857 Mt. Eaton Road in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
    Eylem Saati: 1 pm de başlayacak...


    Fethullah Gulen, A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!

    Our fellow Americans,
    We as Turkish-Americans are here to warn you about this very dangerous man! This man is an extremist Islamist with intentions of spreading Sharia Law all over the world. We know! And we are here to warn you and expose him!

    When living in Turkey, Gulen was a staunch enemy of secularism. He pushed for an authoritarian Islamic state. In fact, a Wikileaks wire reveals how Istanbul Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva tried to warn USA of this man’s activities, saying he is a “radical Islamist” whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.

    After Gulen fled Turkey in 1998, upon being charged with seeking to overthrow the secular Turkish government to replace it with an Islamic Republic, he was able to secure a visa to move to USA.

    How did he receive his residency status while he was ‘wanted’ by the –then- Turkish Government? This is still a mystery. Now, this man owns and operates charter schools in USA –through various foundations- despite the fact his Madrasas were outlawed in countries like Russia and Uzbekistan. His schools were under investigation in the Netherlands. Plus, the origin of his immense wealth, which he used to open and operate these schools all over the world, is unclear. Who is behind him?

    On July 13, Turkish Americans and anyone who believes in secular democracy and human rights are getting together to protest him, in front of his home in Pennsylvania! The protest will be peaceful and our message is clear, the USA should not shelter or host a dangerous man like this while we are fighting extremists all over the world. War on terror should start at home!

    1- USA and Turkish National Anthems
    2- A moment of silence for our Turkish friends who died fighting these extremists in Turkey and for anyone who died on war on terror. And for the heroes who fought for the secular Turkish Republic, Ataturk and his comrades in arms.
    3-10th year anthem
    4-Reading and disbursement of the statement
    5-Information on Fetullah Gulen
    6-Finish and goodbyes

    Address: 1865 Mount Eaton Road iin Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353
    Protests date and time: July 13, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

    Bring your signs and slogans! We are going to show the world this snake!

    If you are a charter school teacher mistreated by this group we would like you to speak.