Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Gulen Charter School Knoxville Charter Academy- From Denial to Delay?

Earlier we mentioned how the Gulen Movement was denied a charter school in Knoxville.  Seems the Knox School Board had a moment of intelligence and KNEW about the obvious multiple connections to the Gulen Movement which was openly mentioned in the news article – here:
In the true Gulen fashion Suzan Mertyurek the President of this proposed Gulen Charter School and Gulen NGO Iris Foundation….flatly denies the Gulen Connection despite the obvious.  It seem according to the newspaper article Suzan also had a memory loss about her association with the Gulen School in North Carolina – Triad School of Excellence.
So the school gets “approved” 14 days later with 10 stipulations ALL having to do with behavior of the Gulen Movement.  These stipulations have to do with transparency and accountability.
1. Governance: two of seven Governing Board members would be appointees by the Superintendent (one of whom would be a KCS employee) and their appointments would be irrevocable except by the Superintendent. Any changes to the governing board structure would be subject to approval of the Knox County Schools. The Iris Foundation will provide documentation of its status as a non-profit entity in the state of Tennessee.  Meaning not all people of Turkish background will be allowed to manipulate and control the governing board of the school.  Tennessee will be watching.
2. Staffing: any applications for alternative licenses or foreign visas will be approved and signed by the Superintendent prior to submission .  Very obvious, the school board will not accept an unusual amount of h1-b Visa unqualified teachers from Turkey.  Meaning……..interview and hire American teachers there are plenty who have been laid off.  (100% of the Gulen Charter Schools have Turkish men as principals)
3. Transparency: governing board agendas and minutes, all staff assignments and bios, as well as curriculum, policies, and events will be posted on the school's website in a timely fashion.  Minutes will be specific and not generic and part of the public information, as we have stated some of these Charter Schools have drowned out non-Turkish members and have not posted their meeting minutes. 
4. Leadership: the principal of the charter school will be required to attend all Knox County Schools (KCS) principal meetings and professional development sessions  A nice way of saying don’t think you are only going to hire a Turkish Male as Principal.
5. Accountability: the KCS will conduct a thorough budget, operational, and programmatic review of the charter school each year. Any specific deficiencies that are identified (and affirmed by the Board of Education) will be required to be addressed by the charter school within 90 days No hanky panky with government money paying for Turkish Olympiads, trips to Turkey, h1-B visas or other nonsense like $200,000 in marketing. 
6. Location: the Board of Education will have the right to approve or reject proposals for a school location, including any future re-location  The school board already rejected 5 proposal sites, maybe they will find one in time to get the school built in Fall 2012 or maybe they will have to re- apply the charter application (wink-wink) 
7. Curriculum: Knoxville Charter Academy will develop and submit to the KCS for approval a viable curriculum for the middle school component of the KCA  No Turkish Character Classes, No Turkish Language Class, etc.,
8. Finance: the KCA will conduct a public bid for required audit services; and the sponsor will submit a revised budget in which expenditures do not exceed revenues in any year See #5   and please…… private loans from the brothers
9. Climate: the Knoxville Charter Academy will develop and implement a viable structure (subject to KCS approval) to support students with chronic disciplinary issues =you will not lock students in closets, or cream the poor performing students out.  You WILL learn how to accommodate Special Needs students they after all have rights too.
10. Transportation: a viable transportation strategy must be developed and implemented (subject to KCS approval) that will appropriately support the target population of students. Near a public bus stop or within walking distance to majority of students.
Previous story
The Knox County Board of Education will consider an application Monday night to form the region's first charter school.
The Iris Education Foundation is proposing to create the Knoxville Charter Academy for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Board members previously denied the application, but it has been re-submitted for their consideration.
Five locations are proposed for the school; the old Oakwood Elementary School in North Knoxville, a retail-commercial space in Broadway Square Shopping Center along North Broadway, the former Food Lion on Oak Ridge Highway, an office space on Middlebrook Pike, and a retail-commercial space in Chapman Commons along Chapman Highway.
Knoxville Charter Academy had a choice of 5 locations, but it seem that they cannot find a suitable location for their second Gulen Charter School in Tennessee.  It was announced today 2/11/2011 that the school would not open until Fall of 2012.
The Gulen sister charter school in Tennessee is the Memphis School of Excellence.  Please learn about their Turkish Club here:
  and how they are modeled after the Harmony public schools in Texas- MEANING Harmony Science Academy.  (read school brochure) Also there is a school trip to Europe (Turkey) in 2012.
These schools sure love their Turkish Olympiads and everything Turkish. 
Memphis School of Excellence students with teachers at the Houston Turkish Festival
American students wearing Turkish T-Shirts - This makes Gulen very happy
Memphis School of Excellence on expensive bus to Houston Turkish Festival
What did this expense fall under "extra curricular?"


  1. Everyone needs to read "Tactics of Islam"- working from withing - the Gulen Movement by writer Dr. Aland Mizell.

    Try to read material by independent investigative writers. The link above is biased it is written by members of the Gulen Movement. But we will keep it here, in the spirit of open communication and transparency (something the movement has a problem with)

    P.S. Hizmet, no sense in attacking your critics or trying to silence them everyone is finding out.