Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gateway Science Academy- Gulen managed School converted Catholic School

Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic School held its 95th, and final, graduation ceremony. After several years of financial struggle, and despite various fundraising campaigns, the decision to close the school, a cornerstone its southwestern city neighborhood, was made in early spring. As at many Catholic schools in the city, dwindling enrollment was the reason. It was especially sad for my family, which funneled three generations through its doors. My nephew had the honor of being in that last graduating class, which is bittersweet. Well, mostly bitter.

But hope survives. A new charter school, Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis, will open its doors this August. The school will be housed in the Epiphany building at 6576 Smiley Ave. and will lease it and the grounds from the parish. It's going to be a college preparatory charter school (for a definition of charter schools, see my earlier post here) and is the first school to open in Missouri by the management company Concept Schools, which currently operates 19 charter schools in four states.

Like all charter schools, there is no tuition and any children within the ZIP code boundaries (which surround the school, making it a neighborhood campus) determined by the charter will be eligible to attend, depending on vacancy. The school will open with grades kindergarten through seven the first year and build a grade each additional year through grade 12. According to Cengiz Karatas, the school’s principal, expected enrollment for the 2010-2011 school year is 350.
I’m pretty jonsed about this school. Concept’s model at its other standards-based college prep schools focuses on math and literacy in grades K to eight, then shifts its focus to math, science and technology through high school. Instead of adopting one curricular model, it realizes there are differing aspects from many theories which can be utilized in conjunction successfully. Some of these idealologies include project-based learning, differentiated instruction and direct teaching. Concept schools have won prestigious awards, including The National Blue Ribbon and The National Title 1 Distinguished Award. In addition, unlike any other charter school in the area, Gateway will offer many extra-curricular activities, including sports and after-school clubs.

If you're a parent of a qualifying child, look at the homepage, especially the story about how the schools were started and the amazing things Concept kids do (such as overseas trips!). While Gateway is currently constructing itself – and hard decisions concerning specifics have yet to be made – the Concept model is pretty darn impressive. It isn't like any charter school I’ve seen in this area before, and I, for one, can’t wait to watch it grow.
Blogger notes: Concept Schools is currently being investigated in Ohio for excessive h1-b Visas and is currently asking for a $93 million bond.

Heard the Gateway Science "family" is staying very close to the new staff, breakfast meetings with parents, home visits and publicized open meetings.  The Honeymoon stage will be over when they start their Turkish character and culture classes, Turkish Olympiads, trips to Turkey.....Turkey this and Turkey that.
Watch out Gateway Science Parents

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