Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hakan Berberoglu- Gulen Soldier is a traitor to Turkey!!! Dr. Seuss Speaks to Hakan

Hakan Berberoglu Gülen Asker Türkiye'ye bir hain ve Hıristiyan ve Yahudi grupları ile gerçekten "Haig Berberian" sürtünme dirsek Ermeni'yiz
Hakan Berberoglu the Gulen Soldier is a traitor to Turkey and is Armenian “Haig Berberian”  rubbing elbows with Christian and Jewish groups.   Quote from Ergenekon, Ankara Turkey
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
              Hamlet Act 3, scene 2, 222–230
Hakan Berberoglu lives in a Gulen Fantasy world, full of Dr.Seuss twists of words and NO links to credible sources.  He will frequently show pictures of Gulen meeting Christian and Jewish leaders from over 10 years ago.  Hakan only quotes articles written by members of  the Gulen Movement from their Gulen Institute Websites and  other Gulen owned media (Today’s Zaman, Fountain Publishing, ERBU TV and more)  While Hakan only dribbles out proverbs and protests further linking the schools together and praising the Great Gulen he proves once again that the schools are part of the world wide Gulen schools.  Hakan where are the credible documents?  The most ridiculous thing about Hakan is he has never met Gulen, yet he blindly follows the exiled Fethullah Gulen – more here on Gulen v. Homeland Security.
Hakan, we don’t want you here, we don’t want you there  we don’t want you anywhere.  Not in a church, not in your perch, not in Turkey, not in America.                                   
Hakan we are here, Hakan we are there, in fact we are everywhere.  In the schools, we are your tools, we see and hear the rules.  At the schools where we work, we all know you to be a JERK.                                                                     
Hakan you’re a turd, maybe I am a Kurd, we know the word. Hard to say, as of today, there are so many who are here to play.  We are your friends, we are your employees, we will bring you to your knees.                                                          
Gulen likes you on your knees, he likes you to tease but when you blow you  please.    Take it away I say, we are many who have come to play.    Go away I say, Go way today not in a boat, not in a train but a fast plane.   Take away the Gulen Tool, he is such a Fool .  It is OK, I am the PKK.  For all you knew I am a Jew.  P.S. Hakan we will miss you.                                       Love and Kisses .........Ergenekon             
MORE HAKAN MOMENTS......................................

From your own Gulen Web site boasting “about Turkish schools” winning at Gulen sponsored Science Olympiads.  You refer to Principal Arslan who in fact teaches at Chicago Math And Science Academy.
Here is another forum where Hakan plays goosey goosey duck duck.     (it’s an American game Hakan)        

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