Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Gulen Charter School in Hawaii, Hula dancing to Turkish spoon dancing.

Gulen Dudes even had a logo designed.
and a website

Hawaii, this is SERIOUS business.  The Charter schools are getting Billions in taxpayer's money, they bring in non-American teachers from Turkey who are fellow Gulen Followers.  They start to teach the children Turkish dancing, singing, etc.,  it will take the Hawaiian and American culture from our children not to mention the Turkish Character classes that are taught on Gulen's Pearls of Wisdom.  They currently have over 150 schools on the mainland and about 400 world wide.  Act for America has several pieces on Fethullah Gulen, As well as we have included web sites below.   
 The Gulenists are starting their infestation of Hawaii by working on taking over Mokapu Elementary, a school on a Marine Base on Oahu. Their new Gulen charter school will be called the Mokapu STEM School. You can bet the community in Hawaii DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE!
Kazim Z. Gumus who used to work at a TX Harmony school is on the board of the new school, along w/three people affiliated w/Daisy-SSA-Paragon.
Their proposal demonstrates that this is an expansion of Daisy Education Corporation, the AZ entity that operates the Sonoran Science Academy schools and is also tied at the hip to Paragon Education Corporation (operates Paragon Science Academy). The proposal also explains how the school will be purchasing services from their Gulenist associates at the Accord Institute of Educational Research.
If you look at the 990's for each of these organizations, you'll see that every single person has a Turkish name -- that's b/c they are all Gulenist buddies.
H1B visas for Daisy + SSA + Paragon (they operated only 6 charter schools in this time frame):
2001 - 1
2002 - 2
2003 - 3
2004 - 9
2005 - 6
2006 - 6
2007 - 23
2008 - 39
2009 - 69
TOTAL = 149 + 4 Green Cards

Accord applied for 19 H1B visas + 1 Green Card

Watch out Hawaii they are coming after you.
What can you do?  YES YOU CAN STOP THEM:    1)  Go to the School board that will oversee this Charter school and ask them for accountability as the Kentucky school board did.  2) Inform the Military base where this school will be on  3)  Inform the parents, the best defense is INFORMATION because most Americans are very ignorant of who Gulen is, - no kids in the school they get NO tax reimbursement money.   4)  Contact everyone in the Media, post on Craig's List, at work - your church - cultural club.

December 18, 2010 UPDATE:
According to the Mokapu PTA, this school is NOT opening as a charter and will remain Mokapu Elementary school.
Someone should tell the Gulen Sufer Dudes to lay off the Turkish Hashish, they have a Mokapu STEM School web site up: and had a "meet and greet" at the Marine base in the Marine's CHAPEL of all places.

From Beautiful traditional Hawaiian dancing to the Turkish Spoon dance?

Goosed' - definition:
  • gooses 3rd person singular present;   goosed past tense;   goosed past participle;   goosing present participle
  • Poke (someone) between the buttocks
  • Give (something) a boost; invigorate; increase
Board of Directors for Hawaii school, watch out for these names
Kazim Z.
Harmony School of Excellence-Austin: science teacher
Texas Tech: PhD physics
Mokapu STEM School: interim board member
University of HI: postdoctoral, medical physics
Sonoran Science Academy-Phoenix principal
Sonoran Science Academy-Davis Monthan: principal
Paragon Science Academy: principal
AZ State U: PhD Electrical Engineering
wrote book review of Jill Carroll’s Dialog of Civilizations, a book about Gulen
Mokapu STEM School: interim board member
AKA Adam
Sonoran Science Academy-Tucson: principal
Daisy Education Corporation: superintendent, “books in care of” person on 990s for 2002, 2003,2004, 2006, 2007
Accord Institute: 2007 Form 990: signed supplemental Form 2848 as “Ex. Director”
Mokapu STEM School: contact person for proposal

Daisy Education Corporation: board member on 990s for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Sonoran Science Academy-Broadway, Inc.: board member on 990 for 2008
Paragon Education Corporation: board member on 990s for 2008 and 2007
Employed by Caterpillar Inc. as Product Support Engineer
University of Arizona: Mining Engineering MS
Mokapu STEM School: interim board member

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