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Gulen's American Empire
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Matt Yapanel Lotus School for Excellence and his lame excuses

Ümit;gözyaşları Dur, sen Amerikalılarla kazanamazlar. Onlar başarısız ve Longmont arazi ellerine almak istiyorum.Lifebridge de Hıristiyanlar senden iyi alırsınız. Longmont şehri mal ve mülk sahibi olacak.bir bebek gibi ağlıyor dur, ben bir bebek bezi almak gerekir

After failing to make the grade and approval for an expansion, Matt Yapanel (aka Umit Yapanel) posted this letter to the newspaper comments in Colorado.  Seems Mattie thinks that excuses like a turnover of teachers is the reason for poor score results.   Cry babie Mattie, WAAaaaaa, WAAAaaaa, WAaaa

I am Matt Yapanel, the president of the board of directors at Lotus.
 The comparison presented in this article is not fair. It only compares last year's CSAP results. Our reading/writing scores were not very good last year due to some staff turnover in our Language Arts department. Moreover, we tried a new approach which obviously did not work. This is all fixed this year and we are using state-of-the art intervention programs such as Reading Plus ( in order to help our struggling readers.
 New School Performance Framework Scores are posted in CDEs website. These reports combine last 3 years of data, are therefore more reliable and fair to compare.

 In this document, our middle and high school ratings were combined so I am using an interim report we received from CDE that breaks down our middle and high school portion.

 In the middle school, there are three areas;

 25% of the scoring comes from raw achievement which means how many students are proficient and advanced in each subject area. This portion really depends on the incoming level of students into our 6th grade. Since APS students are very low-achieving to start with our achievement scores are low at this point. However, achieving higher growth means that these students will catch up to the state level shortly as they are learning more.

 50% of the scoring comes from growth (CO growth model)

 25% of the scoring comes from closing the achievement gap (also referred to as growth caps). This portion is defined as having more growth in minority students compared to white students, more growth in Free-reduced lunch (FRL) eligible students compared to non-FRL students, more growth in ESL (English Language Learners) compared to native speakers and more growth in IEP (Special Ed) students compared to general education students.

 The second and third criteria are critical. Second criterion refers how well students are growing and the third one refers how successful school is in closing the achievement gap.

 For high schools, there is a fourth criterion 'Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness' which is measured by CO-ACT. Since Lotus did not have any 11th graders last year, this score was not calculated. The overall percentages are 15% Achievement, 35% Growth, 15% Growth Caps, and 35% Workforce Readiness. Skyline high school can still be compared to Lotus (in the first 3 criterion) as we are running the same program in the high school. Below a fair comparison table is presented.
 As you can see, Lotus is the highest overall scoring school amongst all neighborhood middle schools used in the article. Its growth is very high and it is the most successful school in closing the achievement gap amongst all.
 School Data Window Final Plan Type TOTAL SPF
 Lotus Middle 3-year Performance 65.3%
 Trail Ridge 3-year Performance 60.0%
 Longs Peak 3-year Improvement 53.5%
 Heritage 3-year Priority Improvement 44.9%
 Lotus High 1-year Performance 73.8%
 Skyline High 3-year Improvement 58.7%



1 comment:

  1. Emails from teachers at Lotus School for Excellence. Something stinks at Lotus must be all that Bullshit that Matt is slinging:
    Lotus School for Excellence

    Two amazing teachers from Lotus School for Excellence were let go at the end of this school yr. They both had amazing evaluations and worked well with the students. If I were to poll the student body on who was their favorite teacher, these two great educators would be on top by far. The principal didn't even discuss the let go of these teachers with their department heads. Why is that??? Lack of communication, and transparency between the Administration and the teachers is big at this school. I still can't put a finger on how two great teachers are let go. Makes me feel that no matter how good of an educator I am, I too can end up like them, kicked to the curb.

    And on the other hand, a Turkish teacher at this school somehow allowed several students to "cut" them self with a razor in their class. I'm sorry but if you can not manage a classroom where you are un aware of such things going on in your classroom, you're not doing your job.

    Another Turkish teacher made comments such as "I really like you." to a student (in a way that shouldn't be said).

    And yet another Turk grabbed a student in appropriately. All of these instances nothing was done and the incident got pushed under the table like it didn't happen.

    I think this school needs a teacher union. How can they form one?

    LotusSchoolforExcellence (SHAME)
    BUSTED IN THE ACT! Gulen's Aurora, CO school- Lotus School of Excellence (which just purchased a church and converted it) Has a web site about their new location in Longmont, CO Lotus/Gulen's Cult have had informational meetings at LifeBridge Church in Longmont, CO regarding this NEW SCHOOL. Then I stumbled upon an article in the Longmont Times (below) By reporter Victoria Camron, who wrote about the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) approving 3 new charter schools in Longmont---EXCEPT-- Gulen's Lotus School of Excellence was NOT mentioned. Further clarification by SVVSD and the news reporter Lotus was NOT APPROVED BY SVVSD for a new charter school. Read the comments section of the News story about Lotus selling their new school under false "pretenses" I am sickened how the Gulen movement is using churches - they evidently purchased an old church for their school in Aurora, CO and proudly have this on their web site (SEE PHOTO)