Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gulen Movement's Congressional Friends, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt

Nicknamed "Mean Jean" Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is a Turkish Tool and enabler of the Gulen Movement in the USA.  Jean has been a guest many times to Turkey by the Rumi Forum, and other Gulen NGOs.  Jean also speaks at many Gulen Insitute functions,  watch the videos below on her hearing before the elections committee and the abnormal amount of Turkish money to Queen Schmidt's campaign.

From accusing the Chinese of drilling for oil in cahoots with Cuba off the Florida coast to publicly lambasting a senior lawmaker and decorated war veteran as the newest Congressman, Jean Schmidt has made a pretty persuasive case for the Dept. of Homeland Security to put a roof over Ohio’s 2nd district and designating it a lunatic asylum.

But let it not be said that Schmidt appeases the enemy. By April of this year, the Cincinnati Enquirer did some number crunching and discovered that by President Obama’s 100th day in office, she shared a distinction with John Boehner and Geoff Davis: Voting with the President 0% of the time.

She also thinks she’s a hottie, btw.  Sorry Jeanne, you skin is weathered like cheap leather.  When you take those FREE trips to the Turkish coast be sure to use a hat and SPF 50.  Dear Ohio Taxpayers:  It shouldn't surprise you that your state is the second largest number of Gulen Charter Schools- (surprise - surprise)

Congresswoman Jean Schmidt who has been brought before the Ohio Elections Committee 2 times on various charges is a Gulen Institute honorary member.  One of these hearings was based on the abnormal amount of Turkish Coalition of America, and Turkish Americans who contributed in excess of $30,000 in campaign contributions to Schmidt.
Besides Free trips to Turkey, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt is a regular speaker at Gulen events and dinners. Is there any coincidence that Ohio is the 2nd state with the largest amount of these Gulen Science Academys?  Was ex-FBI Turkish translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds telling the truth about the American enablers of Gulen?  Do your research and decide.
Here is the link for Congressional Members and their trips to Turkey, note that many are given under the Rumi Forum, Turquoise Council or the other many Gulen Foundations.
Watch Congresswoman at a Gulen Institute Dinner in Texas, she is described as a “Friend of Turkey”

Congratulations for being #11 on the list of 21 looniest legislatures


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