Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Christopher Vian - Openly Gay Teacher of Gulen Dove Science Academy and Gulen apologist ETHICS BOWL representative of Oklahoma

Gulenists at Dove Science Academy stole the lunch money budget of their students surrounding schools were forced to feed their students

Why are they representing Oklahoma in a Ethics Club National Debate?

Here is the disgusting tweets of Dove Science Academy teacher Christopher Vian who is openly Gay
and was merely hired in November 2016.  Christopher justifies their "Ethics Club" and the firing of a teacher 2 weeks ago who claims she was fired for being Christian and leading her class into the pledge of allegiance.  
Here is Teacher Christopher Vian, he admits to being openly gay.  While that is not an issue his behavior in defending Gulenists bad behavior and using his students as human shields to raise funds for some sort of "Ethics" team or "Character" Council is laughable.
Remember, this school is under state audit and has stolen lunch money from the students via a real estate scam.  Not much ethics in Christopher Vian disparaging an American teacher who was fired from Dove Science Academy for being "Christian" (her words) and he goes on to disparage her and show his hatred toward non Liberals.

Dove Science Academy
Teacher and Gulen enabler
Openly Gay (not that it matters)

TWEETS OF DOVE SCIENCE ACADEMY TEACHER - claims she was fired for being a Christian and leading the class in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dove Science Academy has been under audit since April 2016 copy of audit has been previously discussed. 

Mr. Vian seems to justify raising money for a Gulen Shit show is perfectly fine then justifies the firing of another American Teacher by saying she was "Racist, Bigot and other labels while he continued to say it was "about the children" and hide behind the students in the typical Gulen fashion of "Why should students suffer because of the adults?"

Looks like the biggest donors of this fund raiser for "CHARACTER" Is some of the gulenists, that stole millions from the state of Oklahoma

Gulen Dove Science Academy, under State Audit and FBI investigation wants to
have a team compete in the Ethics Bowl in NYC

Six schools from across the state have been named 2017 Oklahoma Schools of Character: Dove Science Academy OKC, Oklahoma City; Dove Science Academy Elementary, Oklahoma City; Dove Science Academy Tulsa; Eisenhower High School, Lawton; Pryor Junior High; and Whittier Elementary School, Muskogee.
The Schools of Character were chosen by, and the state Education Department, and will be recognized by the Oklahoma Legislature in the spring.
Additionally, each school will be submitted for selection as a 2017 National School of Character, according to a news release.
Dove Science Academy OKC, 919 NW 23, will hold an assembly at 10 a.m. Friday to celebrate the honor and also for presentation of Student Education and Ethics Development High School Ethics Bowl winners. The public is invited.
Why would Oklahoma name a school to the Ethics Bowl that is under investigation?

Copy of Dove Science Academy audit
Dove Science Academy State Audit click here

Here is the latest Dove Science Academy NEW Superintendent of course they selected a Turkish Male Gulenists.  Americans no need to apply unless you are desperate like Christoper Vian who was fired from public schools and seems to think being a Chicken Shit ass kisser for Dove Science Academy will guarantee him a job.  
Here is just a few well -known gulenists that follow the new superintendent for corrupt Dove Science Academy's twitter account

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