Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
Gulen Empire map from Turkish Newspaper. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship who have filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTUBE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools, "100 publicly funded Charter schools in the USA" report Dr. Hendrick

researcher of the Gulen Movement, Dr. Joshua Hendrick
"in the USA, the Gulen Movement has 100 publicly funded charter schools" please see comment below for clarification of Dr. Hendrick's interest in this social / political movement. 

Dr. Hendrick asks the Gulen Movement to "come clean" with Americans regarding their managment of charter schools:
Dove Science Academy, Horizon Science Academy, Harmony Science Academy, Magnolia Science Academy, Syracuse Academy of Science, Lotus School of Excellence, Beehive Science Academy, Fulton Science Academy, Abramson School of Technology, Coral Science Academy, Sonoran Science Academy, Lisa Academy, Gateway Science Academy, Orlando Middle School, Memphis School of Excellence, Triad School of Excellence, Minnesota School of Science and many more.

Research Interests and Activities:  Dr. Hendrick’s teaching and research interests overlap in the fields of political sociology, social movements, the sociology of religion, human rights, and development studies with a primary regional focus in Turkey, and a secondary focus in the broader Middle East. 
Joshua earned his PhD in sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2009 and his M.A. is socio-cultural anthropology from Northern Arizona University in 2001.  He received a B.A. in anthropology and a B.A. in religious studies from the University of Georgia in 1999. For his dissertation, Joshua conducted eleven months of field research in Turkey and the US where he focused on the discursive and organizational strategies of Turkish Islamic activism.   Globalization, Islamic Activism, and Passive Revolution in Turkey: the case of Fethullah Gulen was recently published in the Journal of Political Power.


  1. I recently discovered that a Gulen school that I taught at finds most boys who leave and go onto college do NOT major in math or science or engineering or computers, but instead major in POLY SCi. This gives the lie to fraudster wishing for Turks to pass up the West and show them how to succeed in said subjects.

    I believe it was Gulen who claimed to see an opportunity to bring american kids up to snuff in math and science, but then the history of the charter school students shows the fallacy of such sad storytelling and wicked wishful thinking of G!

    In fact, the students for the most part do not excell in college for they are kicked out from one, two, three colleges before graduating with a poly sci degree. So much for their supposed math and science fairs which prove to be a major hoax. Besides how can Gulen justify the teaching of math and science when he sees that said subjects go against the grain of a god...doesn't matter that he and his cohorts take advantage of the latest in tech wizardry which COMES FROM THE INVENTIONS OF MEN, in fact, men who strongly believe in science and god to!

    Obviously they dump these guys here not for math and science and to show the rest of the world what hotshots they are in academia, but for the explicit purpose of penetrating any and all sectors of the US...economics, businesses and wall st via the sharia finance found embedded in many portfolios of major finance firms as well as mortgages.

    I fail to see where this so called inter-faith dialogue comes into the picture when your goal is sheer economic takeover of the west along with parasitical actions designed to bring down the west.
    Methinks that once you have gained this economic success you so desire than who controls the wallets of others can control their minds as well...and this is where a totalitarian mindset reigns over all..a mindset which forces others to forfeit their brains and live for some ghost god who is blood thirsty and wishes to bring all others into his flim flam fold, this is the totalitarian tale of Islam. Once you get the camel's nose under the tent then you can wreck havoc in all, education, politics.

  2. Nothing you have stated is a surprise. Islam is not the issue, this is a cult plain and simple.
    They cheat like crazy on their tests and are always touting themselves as "award winning" or a "blue ribbon" school. This is why these kids do not fair well at any college that accepts them. Conversely, most colleges (junior colleges) will accept any student, good grades or not.
    So advertising your school as 100% college acceptance is a no-brainer. The Gulen Movement isn't interested in creating geniuses or intelligent students. They are interesting in creating sympathizers to Turkey and growing their share of the business.
    Political Science is their goal, you are correct. They want more future politicians sympathetic to Gulen's Turkey ala "Golden Generation" that Gulen hopes to create.

  3. How do you see that the fraudsters goals extend only to Turkey? Creating sympathizers for ISLAM IS HIS ONE AND ONLY GOAL. Turkey only happens to be the place from whence he comes. His so called schools are not just in Turkey..they are all over the world, and you must ask yourself, "Why is this?".

    Clearly, his goal is infiltration in all countries, and in all sectors, not just education. I find it quite clever that they are using their own women to bring the message of 'love and peace' into the various towns/cities of the US. The women are being used as tools, just as much as the Taliban has said they do not need missiles and tanks, for women are their weapons..meaning baby makers to continue the war drive for suicide bombers down the road. When and if Gulen makes the inroads into converting whole communities into Islam, then the women will no longer serve as useful idiots for the crazy cause. But for now, it gives some women the added self esteem to know that they are working for imam gulen, for obviously being a muslim woman affords you no other means of self esteem. So I must differ with you when you say his goals are just for a new and improved islamic turkish state....his goals go waaay beyond Turkey..they include the cult of Islam.

    1. A bit extreme your post is, first off anyone that has studied the Gulencis know that Turkey is not their base...America is. They like to hide behind our freedoms, bill of rights and constitution. Their group was illegal in Turkey and as such Gulen went into self-imposed exile after his famous anti-secular speech "moving into the arteries until you reach all power centers"
      Make no mistakes about it, America is only part of the puzzle for sucking out as much educational tax money and bond financing in the name of children. The Turkish Olympiads, Turkish culture focus, contests, etc., are ALL the same at each school. Even the names of the schools are the same or similar worldwide.

      Increasing share of power, is their goal. Not to create "scholars" as none of them are scholars and Gulen himself has no education past the 5th grade. This is not so much dangerous as "sucide bombers" or Jihad but rather a Stealth Jihad, nevertheless more dangerous because your enemy is hidden.

      Gulen Movement, Hizmet, Cemaat (Gulencis) have no formal roster. But their similiarites of secrecy and business model are very similar and predictable.

      The women are used, in Tennesse where it is conservative. They used 2 female members to file for the Knoxville Charter Academy. Suzan and Leyla, Suzan came from NC (Triad School of Excellence) and Leyla and her husband came from Sonoran Science Academy.

      Using women and using former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton for the 9 applications under the Cosmos Foundation.
      Spreading themselves thin and using Texas money in other states will not win them any popularity contests. Especially now that the money is drying up.

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Joshua Hendrick, the aforementioned assistant professor of sociology at Loyola University Maryland depicted on this blog. I take serious issue with the presentation of my person on this blog and respectfully request its amendment. To be clear, my research with the Gulen Movement in Turkey and the US was funded by the US Fulbright Program, with supplemental funding from the American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) and the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have neither represented the Gulen Movement in anyway, nor have I ever accepted payment from the Gulen Movement, nor have I advocated for the Gulen Movement in any public forum. My interest in the Gulen Movement is academic and is centered on its organizational capacity as an economic and social network, and as a social movement organization in Turkey. To depict me as a "former paid speaker and researcher for the Gulen Movement" is wholly inaccurate and potentially libelous. Anyone interested in my research on the Gulen Movement is free to locate published articles and chapters on the topic authored by me, or he can wait for my forthcoming book on the subject. Regards, Joshua D. Hendrick

  5. Dear Dr. Hendrick;
    Very sorry for this oversight, we will make sure this is corrected. Evidently there was an article awhile back when you were at Rice University and they stated you had previously been a researcher for the Gulen Movement. While there is mention of the Movement previously paying your expenses to travel to Texas and how you were picked up at the airport, etc., there is an exchange of money but only for expenses.
    Incidently, the Movement as you know tends to focus on Sociology majors who need funding for research to complete their doctorals.

    We by no means believe you are another Dr. Rose Ebaugh and do know other professors that know your character and honesty is without question.

    Thank you for clarifying, and congrats on your new position.

  6. I believe that neither of you guys ever went to the school well it is a good school and they don't teach us anything inappropriate as you may think so please stop making stupid blogs about things you can't prove

    1. To anon and your incredibly insulting post above. Are you telling me that I didn't experience what I did in fact experience? Are you telling me that those turkish boys didn't get into teacher's computers and change grades....or bring up porn sites which forced me to tell the adminstration if they didn't get it taken off my computer perhaps they would like the local police to intervene...2 days later..guess what I got a new computer. Are you telling me that most the boys were not recalcitrant and without any respect for women teachers especially, but even their own male turkish muslim profs. We know now why they don't even respect their own elders..just like any facist or communistic or totalitarian philosophy, Gulen's gooey wetdream is to bring back the Caliph, the original Islam that kept blacks enslaved for 1,700 years. Why else does he say, 'we must remain under the radar until the time has come to unleash our wish to dominate". ANd he keeps on making headway, for every charter school being brought down, 1,2,3 pop up. The latest news are the charter schools coming to the Great Lakes in 2012-2013..and yippie skippie, even on Navy property. Now just how cozy is that scenario. Of course, that is in the windy city of Chicago, that hotbed of crookedness from whence the prez derives. So let's see now, let me count the ways of infiltration on US soil...for starters the charter schools, the economy with the sharia embedded financing in major investment firms/banking and now mortgages. Then the untold miserable stories of using our legitimate beefs of their nutniness and we are told that we are not being PC. Then, the fact, the arabs own many of our banks, are buying up land, getting sharia law stealthily into places were low IQ americans live.
      The list goes on and on...and the ultimate indignity is having a TSA agentmuslim force you into a scanner when you said 'no scanner' for the radiation emitted is 25 times more than anyone should get! I had better stop for I can keep on for hours about the whackjobs that abound, and you, anon in your little post, just proved my point/whackjb

    2. We didn't mean to be insulting but when dealing with these Gulencis, you must remain as calm as you can. It is hard as their behaviors are so very obvious and frustrating that ALL school districts do not audit them. Be patient and tell your story with facts and leave out the emotional tones, it will get you further.
      In the USA today, many school districts are talking and some of the discussion is about groups trying to dominate Charter schools as the Gulencis have tried to do.
      You mentioned Chicago / Illinois. Did you know they are in a heap of trouble with their CMSA (Chicago Math and Science Academy) mainly because brave American teachers as yourself have stepped foreward to document their stories with the school district.
      However, in Peoria, Illinois their Quest Academy just was cleared for a $500K improvement. They have a keen nose for sniffing out tax dollars, bond financing and other money available.
      Win many, lose a few.

    3. @GULEN IS A FRAUD...You misunderstood me. I was NOT referring to you when I said, 'To anon and your incredibly insulting post above', I was posing this comment to the small anon post on 1/12, not yours!
      Yes, I hear you about keeping a lid on the emotions, but it is hard when dealing with liars and thieves. Do you actually feel that a liar will respond honestly to intellectual righteousness/truth? I doubt it for a liar is a liar is a liar...and no truthtelling will sway them from their wrongful or corrupted belief system.

      I guess much of my angst/emotions come from having dealt with these students and some turkish male teachers in a very deviant setting. To have the principal at that time, practically apologize to me about the boy's behaviors explaining that bringing them to the US actually aided in 'civilizing them'...say what? Civilize them?..this tells me that their country Turkey is incredibly backwards if they have to bring them here to 'civilize them'.

      That being the case, where does the arrogant, ignorant Gulen get off on thinking he is bestowing his goodies on the US and elsewhere? Only someone so totally ignorant, arrogant, nuts and clueless could conceive of such a nutty notion that he is bringing new life, new intellect, new math and science to the US...what sheer balderdash!

      This falls right in line with obummer last year praising the muslims for their contributions eons ago...let me count the centuries, like 12 - 15 centuries ago! Besides sallying forth with major global strife/wars for all the centuries since along with major predation on many other peoples what can they claim as contributions since?
      Until these morons understand that you can't hold down 1/2 the population and view women as inferior, they will get no where fast!

      It is obvious to me that all of this sheista is being choreographed with outside and inside do you with a 5th grade education manage to get a $25 billion fund to work your magic around the globe?
      And how in this country/US do you make headways while the gov't just pretends nothing is funny in Denmark...too many con games abound.

    4. Thanks for clarifying, I understand where you are coming from. This anon arse assumes none of us have been to their schools. If you seen one of have seen them all!!

      You said:
      "keeping a lid on the emotions, but it is hard when dealing with liars and thieves. Do you actually feel that a liar will respond honestly to intellectual righteousness/truth?"

      No your average liar doesn't respond to intellectual righteousness/truth. However, the Gulen Movement are skillful liars and will attempt to debate their schools with straw man arguments. They try to go completely off topic and derail the debate with "islamophobia" "racist" and other accusations. All kidding aside they are shrewed with debating the Gulen Movement. However their arguments and excuses are exhausted, there is no more arguments ...time to "come clean"

  7. Anonymous;
    I hope you are a child because your post is so childish. First of all, be specific about the "things we cannot prove" We are merely collecting all the news articles, media and other ALREADY published INFORMATION about the Gulencis.
    Frankly, we have been to their schools, some of us are Turkish and have taught at these miserable Gulen showcases. If this blog is so "stupid" then why do you come here trying to discredit it?
    If you want to talk about "stupid blogs" try looking at the ones your miserable group has created "Get the Facts" "Leave Charters Alone" "Parents4Magnolia" etc., There is nothing there except more of your propaganda that is failing in the USA.

    America will win, and her children will prevail. More of your schools are closing or being denied than accepted.
    2012 will be a very telling year for your group.

  8. I am a parent at one of the "Gulen's charter schools" since 2009. I used this term since these schools are known by that name in this blog even though they've nothing to do with Mr.Gulen. He is a scholar, an educator, an author, a poet, a preacher, and a peace activist. Fethullah Gülen is respected by his readers and listeners as a living model of high values like wisdom, faith, love, ardor, respect, sincerity, piety, sensitivity, and service to humanity. Mr. Gülen is considered among the most influential intellectuals not only of the modern Turkey but also of the entire globe. In July 2008, Fethullah Gülen was listed among the top hundred public intellectuals by Foreign Policy magazine. Some of the staff at these schools may be influenced by him, but what's wrong with being influenced from such a sophisticated person?
    Reading all of the comments in this blog, I had pity on people who are trying to cover the sun with mud. Please please listen to the voice of your conscience. I would like to finish my comment with a motto "The tree bearing fruit, gets stoned."

  9. Dear Anonymous
    Please read your post again, and note that you are not "a parent" but a follower of the Gulen Movement.
    First of all-
    1) Gulen is not a scholar and has a 5th grade formal education
    2) Gulen fled Turkey after his famous anti-secular speech of "reaching the arteries of the system.
    3) Gulen is NOT the "most infulential intellectuals in the entire globe" this is your media machine and slaming of online voting polls like Foreign Policy magazine. Embedding Hocaefendi with the likes of Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Martin Luther King will not work. Please read the latest article by Justin Vela of Foreign Policy and the exposure of your Hizmet agenda and slamming of online boards.
    4) Gulen is despised by 80% of Turkey and worldwide.
    5) "Some of the Staff of these schools may be influenced by him" PLEEZ this is your old argumentation and the same as saying - WE ARE influenced by Gulen. Majority of your schools in the USA have PROVEN affilations with the Gulen Movement and have taught at the various identified Gulen managed charter schools and worldwide Gulen Turkish Schools or Madrassas.

    We will finish your Turkish proverb with a Persian one:

    "Let no fruit grow where a Turk has been"

    The truth is out, your schools are being exposed one school at a time. Please use this opportunity to stand tall and be proud of being a follower of Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen the fake scholar.

    You owe this to the American parents and children, to be transparent instead of thinly admitting you are all part of the Gulen Movement with your "we MIGHT BE inspired by Gulen"

    Listen to Dr. Hendrick and "come clean" it is the only way for your schools to survive on American soil.

    Otherwise, expect more of the same.

    Thank you for your comment. But get an education away from Hizmet. Think about an exit Visa to Canada or back to Turkiye. soon very soon my friend.

    1. Anonymous
      Here is the latest January 2012 article in Foreign Policy and excerpt about your group slamming the voting for Gulen.

      "Supporters say the group is solely involved in fostering education and an ethic of public service throughout Turkey and the rest of the world. While the true reach of Gulen's network remains hard to quantify, his supporters flocked to Foreign Policy in 2008 to vote him as the top public intellectual of the year -- an open ballot in which over half a million votes were cast."