Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fulton Science Academy, A Gulen Charter School and it's lack of financial transparency

Note that Principal Kenan Sener who draws a salary of $93,863 under the Fulton Science Educational Foundation was on the Gulen Grace institute of Education (Alpharetta, GA)
In addition, the paperwork c/o for Grace institute for educational research and resources is to be sent to
Selim Ozdemir who is on the Fulton Science Academy board above as the executive director receiving $116,321 in Salary .
Also Known As:
Physical Address:
5755 N Point Pkwy Ste 1% Selim OzdemirAlpharetta , GA 30022
Grace Institute for Educational Research & Resources INC
Physical address: 5755 N Point Pkwy ste1
c/o Selim Ozdemir
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Mingling educational funds with a “religious foundation”
source 990 tax returns filed with IRS @

Financial Mismanagement of Charter Schools – mentions Fulton Science Academy Article by Maureen Downey
part of excerpt here:
Avossa said past “issues” with the school bring a need for more checks and balances by district staff over its operations. Fulton Science, in its 10th year, serves more than 500 students and receives $3.9 million in state and local funding.
The charter campus paid more than $150,000 to a nonprofit without first putting the contract out for bid, creating an apparent conflict of interest. The school’s executive director and principal served on the board of the Grace Institute for Educational Research and Resources, which contracts with schools to provide technical support, professional development and purchasing services.
School district staff has advised Fulton Science that it could amend its application and reapply for a three-year contract. The shorter term would bring the middle school under the same renewal schedule as its affiliate campuses, Fulton Science Academy High School and Fulton Sunshine Academy. The schools joined together to borrow $18 million in revenue bonds from the city of Alpharetta’s Development Authority to help pay for a new campus, which opens in the fall. It will eventually house all three schools.

Fulton Science Academy middle School could lose it’s charter
Excerpt of article:
Fulton Science Academy Middle School, Fulton Science Academy High School (formerly known as TEACH), and Fulton Sunshine Academy have jointly solicited an $18.9 million bond to fund building a new campus to house all three schools. The three schools are liable for repayment of the bond. It's the Fulton School System's position that a three-year renewal would place all three schools in the same renewal cycle, ensuring adequate monitoring of the financial liabilities.
The Fulton County School System is no obligated to repay the bonds, board attorney Glenn Cook said.
The charter school's governing board said it needs the 10-year charter to ensure financial stability and enrollment, and to save millions in interest on its bonds. A shorter term for the charter would increase interest rates on the payback. Lassiter said the charter school offered a compromise of eight years to put all three schools on the same renewal schedule.

Evidence of Affilation to Gulen Movement.

Fulton Science Academy / TEACH /
Fulton Sunshine Academy
:Evidence of affiliation with Gulen Movement

by C.A.S.I.L.I.P.S. - Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools
Page created July 21, 2010   Last updated Dec 2, 2011
These publicly-funded charter schools in the Atlanta, Georgia area are run by the Grace Institute for Educational Research and Resources, IncThe name of TEACH ("Technology Enriched Accelerated Charter High") has been changed to Fulton Science Academy High School.
The original name of Fulton Science Academy was "Cosmos Science Academy."  The name "Cosmos" has significance for the Gulen Movement; the Cosmos Foundation in Texas as well as the Cosmos Foundation of Georgia are Gulenist organizations.
In the comments section of this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, Hakan Berberoglu, using the name "Gitano Bandolero," attacks other commenters for noting the connection between Fulton Sunshine Academy and the Gulen Movement; Berberoglu is assistant director of the Chicago-based Niagara Foundation, which has Fethullah Gulen as honorary president.  (The comment in which Berberoglu was identified has apparently been removed by the newspaper.)  
A 2010 document from River City Science Academy in Florida giving a tentative itinerary for the spring break trip to Turkey shows a stop at "Coskun College, sister school of FSA."  The document's metadata shows its title as "Fulton Science Academy."  Coskun College is known to be a Gulen school.  
Additional evidence can be found on this page, which explains the financial connection between Fulton TEACH High School and the Gulenist company Sema Education and Health Development Co, Inc, and on this page, showing how a group of Fulton students attended a summer program at an overtly Gulenist religious school in Turkey.  On this page, translated from a Turkish newspaper, an FSA board member is quoted as saying he is a follower of Fethullah Gulen. See also: letter from Fulton parent; and for information on academics, see an analysis of college prep at FSA compared to other Fulton County schools.  
The multiple affiliations of the following individuals, both past and present, give further evidence of FSA's connection to the Gulen Movement:
Isa Afacan  
  • Fulton TEACH High School   
  • Istanbul Center   (Gulenist organization)    

Emre Akbaba (a.k.a. David Condor) 
  • Principal, Orlando Science Middle School  (2009-10)  (Gulen charter school)
  • Teacher, Fulton Science Academy (2005-06) 

Cevdet Akbay
  • Fulton Science Academy board member
  • petitioner for Cape Fear STEM School, a proposed Gulen charter in North Carolina
  • Quoted in Turkish newspaper article as saying he is a follower of Fethullah Gulen  

Baybars Bakay
  • Fulton Science Academy computer science teacher
  • Istanbul Center
  • Turkish Olympiad of the Southeast
  • Nile Foundation
  • Turkish American Islamic Center of Florida
  • Domain registrant for  [N.B.: subsequent to the posting of this page, the domain registrant name was changed; however, screenshots have been saved as evidence that Baybars Bakay of Alpharetta GA was the original registrant.  Historical domain name registration information can be accessed by anyone who wishes to verify this, but generally a fee is required.]
Note: The Istanbul Center, Turkish Olympiad of the Southeast, Nile Foundation in Florida and Turkish American Islamic Center of Florida are all Gulenist organizations.
Mustafa Basgun
  • Fulton Science Academy board member
  • Global Spectrum Foundation
Note: Global Spectrum Foundation is a Gulenist umbrella organization running the Istanbul Center. 
Dr. Levent Bulut
  • Fulton Science Academy board member
  • Former Treasurer of the Cosmos Foundation
Note: The Houston-based Cosmos Foundation is affiliated with the Gulen Movement.  The Harmony Science Academy schools, Dove Science Academy schools in Oklahoma, the Pelican Foundation which in turn runs charter schools in Louisiana, and the science fair ISWEEEP are all under the auspices of Cosmos.

Ahmet Dastan a.k.a. Ahmed Dastan, Matt Dastan
  • Fulton Science Academy, science teacher
  • Cosmos Foundation of Georgia
  • BAKIAD, Turkey-based partner of the Niagara Foundation
  • guide/leader of Turkey trips organized by the Gulen Movement
Note: The Cosmos Foundation, the main branch of which is in Texas, is a major non-profit of the Gulen Movement.  The Niagara Foundation in Chicago is also a prominent Gulenist organization.  BAKIAD subsidizes numerous Turkey trips for Americans; some are "interfaith" and some are organized through schools.
Mustafa Deniz
  • Former employee, Fulton Science Academy
  • Principal, Sonoran Science Academy, Phoenix
  • Former IT/IS Administrator, Sonoran Science Academy, Phoenix
Note: Sonoran Science Academy is affiliated with the Gulen Movement.  See Arizona Daily Star articles: SSA, Gulen Movement, and several of reporter Tim Steller's blog posts from April, May 2010.
Tahir Duzyol
  • Graduate of Yamanlar Science High School
  • Fulton Science Academy
  • Outreach director, Istanbul Center, Atlanta,GA 
  • Involved with Peace Valley Foundation, Alabama
Note: The Istanbul Center and the Peace Valley Foundation are Gulenist organizations.  Yamanlar Science High School is located in Turkey and is part of the Gulen Movement.  
Ismail Fidan  
  • Fulton Science Academy governing board
  • Coral Academy of Science (Gulen charter school in Nevada) grant writing and fundraising  
  • Board Member, Nashville Charter Middle School (proposed Gulen charter school in Tennessee that never materialized)

Fethi Goktepe (a.k.a. Timothy Bluehill)
  • Fulton Science Academy teacher
  • Principal, Sweetwater Branch Academy charter school, Florida
Note: Sweetwater Branch Academy is a Gulen charter school.
Tuba Aktaran-Kalayci
  •  Wife of Altan Kalayci
  • Participated in Istanbul Center events such as Annual Dialogue Dinners
Note: The Istanbul Center is affiliated with the Gulen Movement.
Altan Kalayci
  •  Istanbul Cultural Center
  • Global Spectrum Foundation
  • Judge at Turkish Olympics which Fulton Science Academy students participate in
  • Participated in interfaith meeting with pope: “He came to the memorial Mass with his colleague Altan Kalayci; they strive to promote cultural understanding and interfaith dialogue through the Istanbul Cultural Center in Atlanta.  He said the Vatican ambassador in Turkey has a very good relationship with Muslim leaders there and one of their leading scholars, Fethullah Gulen, visited the Vatican in 1998.”

Note: Global Spectrum Foundation is a Gulenist umbrella organization running the Istanbul Center.  The Turkish Olympics, a.k.a. Turkish Olympiad, is run by the Gulen Movement.
Mustafa Kececi
  • Fulton Science Academy Board Member
  •  Vice President & Treasurer, Member, Board of Directors, TACC Southeast (Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast United States)

Note: TACC Southeast is a Gulenist organization, as evidenced by the following statement on the Istanbul Center website: “The purpose of the meeting was to brief Governor Perdue about Istanbul Center, telling him about its events and programs, as well as those for the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast (TACC Southeast), a sister organization.”

Ayhan Korucu
  • President Of Fulton Science Academy Middle School Governing Board
  • Founding Member of Fulton Science Academy, Inc.
  • Istanbul Center, Development Member and Volunteer
  • Judge, Turkish Olympiad of the Southeast US
  • Global Spectrum Foundation
  • President, Board of Directors, : TACC Southeast (Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast United States)
Note: The Global Spectrum Foundation runs the Istanbul Center.  The Istanbul Center, TACC Southeast and the Turkish Olympiads are part of the Gulen Movement.

Tuncay Kucuktas
  • Board member and CFO, Fulton Science Academy
  • Board of Directors, TACC Southeast
Note: TACC Southeast is a Gulenist organization.
Ebru Oncul
  • Teacher, Fulton Science Academy
  • Istanbul Center
  • Wife of Fatih Oncul, who has multiple connections with the Gulen Movement (see below)
Note: The Istanbul Center is affiliated with the Gulen Movement.
Fatih Oncul
  • Husband of teacher Ebru Oncul, Fulton Science Academy
  •  Board Member, Paterson Charter School of Science and Technology
  • Judge, Turkish Olympiads of the Southeast US
  • Director, Snowdrop Education Services; founder of Snowdrop Science Academy
  • Volunteered to organize public seminars through Interfaith Dialog Center, New Jersey
  • Advisor for Pioneer Academy of Science
  • Volunteered for Bosphorous Education Corporation
Note: Paterson Charter School is a publicly-funded Gulen school.  Pioneer Academy of Science is a private Gulen school in New Jersey.  Snowdrop Science Academy was a private Gulen school in Pennsylvania, which has ceased operations.  Bosphorous Education Corporation/Center is a tutoring and ESL business run by the Gulen Movement.
Bekir Ozcan (a.k.a. Bekir Ozchan)
  • Fulton Science Academy lead petitioner
  • Cosmos Foundation of Georgia
Note: The Cosmos Foundation of Georgia is affiliated with the Gulen Movement.
Ali Ozer
  • Fulton Educational Services, Inc.
  • Grace Institute for Educational Research and Resources, Inc (IRS Form 990 Grace)
  • Board President of the Fulton Sunshine Academy
  • Assistant Principal, TEACH (Technology Enriched Accelerated Charter High School)
  • Outreach Committee Member, Istanbul Center for Culture and Dialogue
  • Chairman of the planning committee for the proposed Greenville Science Charter School
  • Participated in Interfaith Dialog Dinner at the Intercultural Dialogue Association, Alabama
  • Wife Mirkena Ozer wrote article for Fountain Magazine about Ali Ozer

Note: The Istanbul Center is run by the Gulen Movement.  Greenville Science Charter School was a proposed Gulen charter school.   The Intercultural Dialogue Association in Alabama is a Gulenist organization.  Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue.

Kenan Sener
Note: Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue.
Namik Sercan
  • Board President of the Fulton Sunshine Academy
  • Grace Institute for Educational Research and Resources, Inc
  • Assistant Principal, TEACH
  • Author, Fountain Magazine
Note: Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue.
Alper Tekten
  • Assistant Principal  of Triad Math and Science Academy, North Carolina
  • Board Member, proposed Wake Math and Science Academy, North Carolina
  • Fulton Science Academy/teacher (“internship”) and “assisted the governing board of the school with the renewal process of the charter which was approved for another five years…During his internship, he helped and consulted several other charter school applications in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina including Triad Math and Science Academy. He also helped two charter schools in Florida to be established and recruit students.”

Note: Triad Math and Science Academy and the proposed Wake Math and Science Academy are Gulen charter schools.  The schools referred to in other states are also all Gulen charter schools

Fulton Science Academy - letter from parent

In May 2011, this website received a communication from a Fulton Science Academy parent.  It is reproduced verbatim below.  It refers to a January 2011 compliance report by Fulton County Schools (the government agency charged with regulating Fulton Science Academy).


Here is a link to the Fulton Science Academy Middle School Compliance Report,  I think you will find
this report very interesting in light of the recent news articles questioning the
business practices of Gulen inspired schools.

You will note that FSA performs well on an academic level and that is not the issue
facing these schools.

The document highlights many common concerns:
  • Staff Qualifications
  • Financial Practices
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Parent Involvement

The county has required that all FSA schools cease and desist business with The Grace Institute on March 4, 2011.  The Grace Institute was created by former leaders of FSA schools and Board Members, a clear conflict of interest.  Taxpayer money was going to a company formed by the school administration.  And the school did not follow the proper bidding process violating the school district policy.  I appreciate your approach to researching the schools. You have stuck to the facts.  Unfortunately, the schools have a deeper agenda.  I agree that there are some very nice teachers at the FSA schools but they are not telling the truth.

The Fulton County Department of Education is committed to the success of charter schools.  They have done everything possible to make sure that charter schools are following the rules IF the parents and community understand the responsibilities and influence they have over the Board.

The success of the schools are in the hands of the board, parents & community.

I hope that parents will:
  • find out who is on the Board
  • attend Board Meetings
  • understand they share responsibility for hiring

Next, parents need to educate themselves and their kids on the Gulen movement.  Find out what the Gulen movement stands for beyond the marketing.  Do you believe in Gulen's vision for Turkey, treatment of women and the fact his followers are not direct about their intentions?  If not, ask questions.

 For readers' convenience, a copy of the report is also available for download below.

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