Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
Gulen Empire map from Turkish Newspaper. DISCLAIMER: If you find some videos are disabled this is the work of the Gulen censorship who have filed fake copyright infringement reports to UTUBE

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gulen Charter Schools -- Concept - Horizon - Noble propaganda for Schools with GULEN Movemnent ties

Here is one of the Concept Schools propaganda videos, note that they admit they are
part of the Gulen Movement and posted under Gulen Movement.

Nice to see the schools are starting to come clean. They care less about children's education if
they did they would insure that the children of Turkey were educated instead they fall below standard


  1. People that post this misinformation are ignorant. This misinformation is evident in personal blogs with no factual information with the intent to spread Islamphobia in America.

  2. Merhaba Anonymous;
    Now if we were ignorant we would censor your remarks/comments like you do in Turkey. Those poor 60+ journalist in jail is a crime to freedom of speech - whatever happened to Hocaefendi's teaching of tolerance? patience? and love?
    First of ALL dummy, EVERY ONE of our posts are from the news and they are CITED. NOT made up like your stupid "get the facts" and other damage control blogs. If you and other Hizmet members were telling the truth you would not always have to show up with these silly unimportant comments.

    How did you like the latest news on Graham - Reeves the pervert teacher from your Harmony Science Academy?

    You want to sulk and have a hissie fit, you will not stop freedom of speech in America as you have in Turkey. We want the news and information about your movement.

    So do you think, the NY Times is misinformation?
    CNN? Fox News? CBN? PBS? USA Today? All have done reports about your nasty group.
    You going to accuse us of "islamophobia" when we mention NOTHING about Islam....but we do talk about your behaviors.

    Gulen has NOTHING to do with Islam and Islam has nothing to do with Gulen. Your movement is about Gulen and his view of the world and creating the Golden Generation.

    If you have nothing factual or substantiated to add. Don't waste our time.

  3. "Gulen has NOTHING to do with Islam and Islam has nothing to do with Gulen. Your movement is about Gulen and his view of the world and creating the Golden Generation."

    If Gulen is not muslim how can he be an imam? And how could it be that Islam has nothing to do with Gulen? I miss the point you are trying to make here, as I see a very real connection between his muslim beliefs and the things they are attempting to bring about on our soil. Are you saying that if Gulen did not exist, then Islam would pose NO threat to anyone whatsover? Methinks that's ignorant, wrongful, even deadly thinking that it would pose no threat at all.

    Anyone having a small grip on Islam knows that it isn't even a religion, but rather a socio-political form of totalitarianism...if that isn't the fraud's goal, then I don't know what is.

    Islam throughout history and the Ottoman empire especially has had one goal, the domination of the world and if it means removing millions of heads to acheive its goals, they cherish the thought of this.

    Nincompoop anon above feebly attempts to link this discourse with islamaphobia....a smoke screen at best. Hey Anon, yes, we are suspect about Islam and for damn good reason. As women here we value our freedoms and don't like imams teaching men 'how to beat your wives properly"..we also don't value raising our kids for umpteem years and asking them to put on a suicide belt and get blown up. To speak of phobias is disgusting, when the reality is that, yes, I have a phobia against perversions and perverts, a phobia against cutting off girls clits, a phobia about men bringing five wives here to live off the fat of the land, a phobia about a female being gang raped by five neanderthals and then told it is her fault and then they are told by allah to kill her...the list goes on and on, anonymous. So no amount of defense on your part can ever ever make anyone see this so called religion of peace..the only peace that includes is the peace of a cemetary which is the goal of a death cult religion. I deign to say that any woman who actually believes in any of the precepts of this gory religion is out of her mind to buy the misoginy as she would have to hate herself in order to be part of that religion. Further when men have so little respect for women, you will have this sickening veneer ot faux love for a woman only is you can control her body and mind.

  4. Gulen rarely appears in public and does do a weekly broadcast of marching orders to his followers.
    1) If you go to UTube you will find many videos of Gulen's past appearances, the older ones he is in his Imam prayer robes ranting and raving (and usually crying). His newer videos/photos his is merely in a business suit (usually Italian tailored)
    2) Yes it is a socio-political form of government, the Gulen movement is disguised BEHIND religion whereas, using "islamophobic" to anyone that opposes their secretive group.
    3) The Gulen Movement (Hizmet or Cemaat) hides behind NGOs (non-governmental foundations that are non-profit) to suck as much money out of American Educational Tax.
    4) In the true sense of Islam (whether you believe it is a religion or cult) the main stream Muslims (Sunni and Sh'ite) do NOT respond well to Gulen's version of Sufism.
    5) As a whole the Islamic services seperate women from the men. This is also done in the traditional Judiasm services and older Christian faiths. The hibjab worn by most of the Gulen women is nothing more than window dressing on the Titanic. They try to show they are hip by wearing makeup- very HIGH heels and haute coulture clothing. They want to show that Gulen's brand of Islam is hip and supportive of females.
    6) The Gulen Movement uses women when they need to. As in the case of opening the Knoxville Charter Academy, in Tennessee. They are using Suzan Mertyurek and Leyla, one wears a hibjab one does not. However BOTH deny affilation with the Gulen Movement . However, they have a LONG history and connection to the movement. Including the fact they have opened other Gulen Charter Schools (Sonoran Science Academy) and (Triad School of Excellence). Many of the paid speakers for the Gulen Movement are Professors that are female.
    7) Female Mutaliation is NOT in the Quran, and is practiced in some sects of Islam in Somalia and Thailand. A shameful act against women.

  5. Methinks you are not aware that the prophet says otherwise, and that muslims are not in agreement on this topic. And further, that the practice of the so called hoodectomy is considered as an enhancement to a woman's sex life...something I find truly hard to believe. At any rate, this is a terrific site below that tackles this topic and worth the read if you wish to have a greater understanding of what most educated americans would view as horrific, evil, or barbaric at best.

    The feedback should be read as well. One guy/Ahmed
    informs us that indeed this is a long time Islamic practice. And further that the quran makes reference to it in the section about both males and females being circumcised. The feedbacker goes on..."What is really heartening is that this practice laid down in Islam well over a thousand years ago is now accepted by western medicine not only for maintaining good hygiene, but also to enhance the sexual satisfaction of the woman concerned. This itself proves that it has to have a valid Islamic basis."

    'The website could perhaps help our curious viewers get more information on this interesting topic.'

    A more intelligent non-woman hating advice unlike the aforesaid, is given in the feedback by medical personnel and a psychologists as they inform of the horrid implications for a girl's body and psyche. I would tend to agree that this practice which some incredibly stupid PC doctors are engaging in is downright evil, but being PC, er, stupid, they do it out of feeling they must go along with a nutball ritual founded by a nutball, misogynist male. I invite you if you can stomach it to see an actual mutilation of young girls held down by village idiot women forcing the girl into this terrorist activity. It isn't hard to find this on youtube. Warning,grab a barf bag before starting the video...kleenex too for if you are a woman you'l be bawling your head off at the insanity and evilness of a freak practice.

    As regards your number 4 above, no matter if one be shitte, sunni or sufi, islam is islam. The fact that they don't agree on much and have to have wars for centuries with no resolve whatsoever, tells one from the get go that there is something wrong with that picture. So why the pretense of defending what to a thinking person appears to be the undefensible and not even worthy of discussion. Christians had their crap in their bibles, especially the old testament, but we left the neanderthal world view stage with the coming of the Renaissance or Enlightment. Then too the Gutenberg opened up a new world for the laity and they could no longer be in the dark as the Church wanted them to be. People could read at last.

    That Islam has not caught up with that is no reason for us to give them a pass and say 'it's okay folks, you can stay in your 7th century mindset and we can all get along.' To believe that is to delude oneself at best. Ask any reformed muslim and they would heartily agree that you don't help anyone by keeping them in the dark by going along with caveman ideals.

    Again, our great hope is that the computer does once more what the GUTENBERG did for the masses. It got them out of some fantasy land, and the sooner Islam removes itself from some pedophile's fantasy land of 72 virgins for the taking, the better off the world will be. And no longer will muslim women have to fear that she, the no, 3, 4 or 5th wife will be left on a back burner doing a slow burn as he adds another notch to his belt. I do get upset when I hear over and over this is a religion of peace...
    yes, the peace of a cemetary for sure...a place where women wail at the hideousness of their fates at the hands of misogynist men whose minds are warped by imams taking a page from a pedophile.

  6. Anonymous;
    All we can say is "Wow"

    But we are posting your opinion in the spirit of open communication. Doesn't mean we all agree with it. I certainly don't agree with it.

    Frankly, I don't care if Moslems or Turks have schools. But I do care that the American Taxpayers are footing the bill. Let them have private schools like Catholics do or the Hebrew schools. Additionally, it is alarming to most across the USA the links this group goes to, to DENY their affilation with Islamic Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen. The exiled Imam from Turkey. And this my friends is something that is shared by many people: Kurds, Turks, Jews, Christians, Teachers, Parents, etc.,

  7. In 1999 Gulen gave a television interview in which he revealed his goals for Turkey--a wetdream if ever.

    "You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it"

    Now Marie, it appears to me that this guy has a lot more on his mind than charter schools. They are just a tool in his arsenal of the return of the CALIPH!
    If you honestly think that financial wrongdoings are the worst thing possible, please think again lady.

    Far far scarier are his goals for the western world..
    and how better to reach those goals than stealthily
    'until you have moved through the arteries" laying low. Frankly it concerns me that you as a woman have no problem with eventual takeover if he succeeds, and subjection of us all to the evil sharia law which directly contradicts our CONSTITUTION!

    Don't you understand that 'arteries' alludes to not just education, but govt, medicine, sharia finance?
    Are you not aware that their were embedded sharia financial components in our recent banking fiasco? This man no more means to educate but he does want to be master of the universe, and I think he would laugh heartily at your idea that they worse thing he is doing is leeching off american taxpayers..that my dear, is strictly a smokescreen for far more deadly activity on our soil.

    To be able to inculcate his ideas to vulnerable students is just one way to assure a power base down the road. A veritable Jim Jones, he leads with pretty colored Koolaid, and viola, before you know it, you have drunk his poison of Islam as the answer to the world's woes. NOT!!!
    To compare any Islamic schools to catholic or hebrew is an outlandish reach. C & H don't tell us to kill outsiders and promise 72 virgins if we hit the jackpot via suicide belts, et al.
    Frankly, I cannnot fathom why the implementation of sharia on our soil takes a back seat with you, while shady financial dealings take precedence over sharia finance, sharia killing, enforced female mutilation, men having 3-5 wives sucking off our welfare system. Wow, what planet do you live on and where are your values? Do you actually value money matters over issues of life, liberty, or are you a liberal with no problems with totalitarianism?
    Money matters of the theft variety are on thing, but the complete extinction of our very lives, or liberty, our individuality seems to me should be of the utmost and paramount concerns. It is this that Islam would take from us...HB12 visas are just small potatos, but I am sure Gulen thanks you for focusing the light on the wrong picture he keeps hidden.


  9. When in 1999 Gulen appeared on Turkey tv to proclaim the message that follows, how would you interpret his saying 'move through the arteries? Do you really think this has much to do with charter schools other than using them as a vehicle to introduce Islam to the West..and further, the final goal being the takeoover of the west and the installation of sharia law, sharia finance and all it portends in evilness?

    I quote here his words in 1999 on turkish television
    "“You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this.
    'If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it"
    Could there possibly be any doubt in your mind as to what this actually means? And why do you view the theft taking place, i.e. HBI visas, and US tax monies as the worst possible evil? Isn't the thrust on his part for world domination the highest evil? I jfail to see that sharia law, and finance are little
    problems in comparison to a terrorist god, allah, being the law of the land. How do you justify that?

  10. OOPS My mistake, it is "lengths" you sound like an ex-American English teacher from one of these schools.

    We understand your frustration, but this group is very clever and is doing everything they can to infiltrate ALL arteries of every society/community they are in worldwide. No one should romance the notion that this tactic by the Gulen Movement (Hizmet/Cemaat) is unique to the USA. We have heard the SAME stories about this group, state to to country.

    Your best defenses is what you are doing, exposing them and making them accountable for their actions. They hate exposure and are taught secrecy from an early age. As most of them are educated at the Gulen "Lighthouses".

    Gulen poses his followers to guard secrets as you guard your chastity. Many ex members of this cult/group are honest individuals that unfortunately were brain raped at an early age, but have educated themselves on the dangers and lies of this group.

    Educate others on this group and about Turkey's politics and current climate of Islamic vs. secularism and their squashing of any critics. In Turkey, their critics end up in Jail or worse. In the USA they have been sued but settle out of court.

    They want to avoid discovery and exposure at all costs. Transparency is very very uncomfortable for this group (mostly men)

  11. Thank you for clarifying as to what you really mean, that is, you do see that the schools are just a vehicle for greater inroads into our system. For some reason, I didn't get that from you in previous writings. Yes, I know that gulen has schools worldwide, making him all the more devious in his intentions. Thank you are replying to my previous post as I now see that you 'get it' and his long term intentions of resurrecting the Caliphate. The whole idea sends shudders down my spine. I would refer you to the latest piece by Danny Greenfield and his acute observations of what is really happening with the Arab spring..and what it portends for the world...doesn't look good at all.

    Yes, I have taught at one of these ersatz charter schools and the students told me how they hated the Jews. I invite you to read this piece here entitled
    Muslim Anti-Semitism and the Arab Spring url..
    And then you must absolutely not miss this one called The Donkey is Dead from Nov 30th, 2 days ago. It is this writing/donkey which gave me chills, and I am sure it will you as well. At the same website i might add will you find "the donkey' piece.

    Is there any website you can direct me to, to learn more about class action suits by american teachers who taught at these schools?


    An ex-teacher as well, there are many. Good luck.