Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turks lack knowledge, over 2,000 Turkish students drop out of school daily

So how has the Gulen cult snowjobbed the world into believing that Turkey has some sort of superior education?  This is because the Gulen Movement is about "appearances", they pay large sums of money for awards, marketing, public relations and more.  Underneath all the expensive clothes and fine perfume lies a low life prostitute. 

More than a third of 15-year-olds are not attending school, while 42 percent in the same age category are unable to solve basic math problems, the report says
2000 Turkish students drop out of school daily’

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Some 2,000 were reported to drop out of school daily in Turkey, according to a recent report. 40 percent of
girls and 25 percent of boys between 15 and 19 are also reported to be neither working nor studying.
Some 2,000 students drop out of Turkey’s secondary schools every day during the educational year, and those who remain enrolled are often failing to learn key skills, a new report has said.
The report, sent to Parliament by the Education Reform Initiative, or ERG, also noted problems with poor training for teachers and a lack of sufficient public spending on education.
Some 360,000 students dropped out of Turkey’s secondary schools in the 2008-2009 school year, while another 295,000 dropped out in the following term, according to ERG, which operates under Istanbul’s Sabancı University. This means an average of 2,000 students drop out each day during the school year.
The report also noted that 40 percent of girls and 25 percent of boys between the ages of 15 and 19 are neither working nor studying.
Dropout rates
More than a third of 15-year-olds in Turkey are not attending school, while 42 percent of juveniles in the same age category are unable to solve basic math problems, according to ERG’s report, which cited figures from the Programme for International Student Assessment, or
PISA, a project of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD.
Turkey’s results on PISA’s 2009 exam are among the worst in OECD countries, with some 25 percent of 15-year-olds also unable to comprehend written texts, and another 30 percent unable to solve science and technology problems they could face in real-life circumstances.
Turkey’s Anatolian high schools have the lowest dropout rates in the country, with around 0.3 percent of students dropping out, while vocational high schools have the highest dropout rates: 11.8 percent for girls and 22.6 percent for boys.
According to the ERG report, Turkey is also among the three OECD countries where students’ success in school is most heavily
affected by their socioeconomic background, including their families’ level of education, income and occupational status.
The rate of access to higher education for the top 20 percent in terms of socioeconomic status stands around 28 percent in Turkey, while the bottom 20 percent have a 0.4 percent rate of access to such institutions, the report said, calling for lawmakers to provide special support for the disadvantaged.
Despite the upswing in recent years, total public spending on
education is still low, according to the report. Some 3.8 percent of public funds in Turkey will be allocated to education in 2013, compared to an OECD average of 6 percent.
Teachers in Turkey are not trained and supported the way they should be, the report also said.

Turks lack knowledge, learn from television’

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Tuesday, August 2, 2011
The average Turkish family believes it has insufficient knowledge on a number of pertinent issues, yet 65 percent think it is “unnecessary” to attend educational programs that could help them rectify their problems, recent research has revealed.
The “Turkish Families’ Educational Needs” survey, which was conducted among 7,000 Turkish families by the Family and Social Policies Ministry, revealed that the average Turkish family believes it does not have enough education on legal issues, sexual health problems, violence and adolescent education.
Many also said they had little knowledge on subjects such as children’s television and Internet addiction, children’s educational needs, family communication problems, first aid, inheritance law, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic violence, sexual abuse, the rights of the disabled and drug addiction.
Information from TV instead of school
When asked whether or not they would be eager to attend an educational program that could help them with commonly encountered problems, between 57 and 65 percent of the families surveyed said it was “not necessary” and added that information from TV and newspapers was sufficient to solve their problems.
Couples who have been married for more than 16 years are not keen on attending an educational course, the research showed.
The minority who reported that they were willing to attend education classes on important problems said they would prefer such courses to be operated by the Education Ministry rather than nongovernmental organizations.
 Adolescents and the elderly see themselves as the least knowledgeable, the report revealed. Middle-aged people, especially public servants and those working on a freelance basis, said they had more information on the topics in question.


  1. The subtitle for this article could read, "Laziness is alive and well in the turkish non-educational realm". Having taught these yahoos, I can attest to the fact that these kids are lazy, feel entitled, and don't see a need to WORK AT ANYTHING. I cannot help but feel that their religion plays a major role in this outlook as men are considered superior to females. Hence, if you are a man, why are told that you are already the cat's meow. Making things worse, is the fact that boys from a young age are given authority over their own mothers, thus cutting her authority out of the picture. And forming a hugh head in the kid who needn't prove himself in any worthwhile way..just boss mommie like daddy does...and if you think your sister has stepped out of line, well, just whack her for good. And give it a religious smell called 'honor killing'. Again, a whack job religion sets women up this way as misfits, but the real misfits are the men/boys who never grow into real manhood and take responsiblity for themselves, their education or even learning how to control their sexuality. No surprise that so many of those kids drop out of school. If their dearest mohammad could have little girls and many other wives, why should one want to put themselves out when you have slaves surrounding you catering to your every wish, sadistic yearnings though they may be. Like the son of the Hamas leader says, 'anyone who truly believes in this religion will end up mentally sick". And so, it stands to reason when your head is all screwed up and filled with sickening tenets and dictates, there is no room for reasoning, logic and learning to enter that dead space..for indeed the religion is a death cult.---no real learning need apply! Your road to heaven is via a suicide bomb strapped to you, thus relieving you of ever having to pick up a book, learn a trade, start a legimate business, treat women with respect, control your private parts, make some real money and throw out the brainwashing of a barbaric blood thirsty cultish god figure whose modern day imams extoll as the one true god..the terrorist allah.

  2. Wow Anonymous, I have known some very intelligent Turkish people. Although they are few and far between. The ones that moved away from Turkey and were afforded an education abroad like Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk comes to mind.

    The problem with the students coming out of Gulen "Lighthouses" is they are indoctrinated the Gulen Way and are by no means "scholars" of any sort. But they are GREAT at marketing themselves.

    So what is your opinion on the Carlyle Group investing in over 50% of Turkish schools? Sounds like they have a plan to make money somehow.

  3. I hadn't heard of the Carlyle Group buying shares in a school system/turkey.

    The only reason I can see why Carlyle is doing this would be 1)for profits, and 2) to take advantage of the birth rates of Islam's average birth rate of 4-5 to the west's 1.5 children per family. Obviously anyone in the market is looking for sheer volume -- let's face it, the muslims are beating us on this front. The political elites tell us there must be a 60% reduction in the world's population, so why go to a country that has an ever burgeoning birth rate...CAN YOU SAY PROFITS??

    I agree with you that there are some bright muslims out there, and I too, know of some through their brilliant writings on their religion. I have nothing but the utmost respect for reformed muslims, for women like Ali Hirsi, Bridgette Gabriel and a host of others including the son of the Hamas leader who allows the assumption that Islam if truly followed according to the dictates of the quran, will in time make one mentally sick. Face it, the terrorists take many pages out of the quran..they follow the dictates, morose though they be, of Muhammad.

    Those americans who like to dance around this reality by being politically correct, do so at their own peril. THose of us who were weaned on the Christian bible and actually took the time to read and reread both the old and new testaments can say that much in the old testament was sadistic and no thinking adult alive today would dare to follow such insanity. If muslims can follow suit, that would be a hugh step forward in acknowledging insanity.

    So, as the Son of Hamas says, he believes Islam will be a dead religion in ten years, as the internet is making the masses more aware than ever before about so many lies on so many fronts...from religion to gov't's and various other fronts.

    One wonders why the Carlyle group is entering the Turkish market, both schools and in healthcare. It does seem odd and maybe I have the wrong take on this with now I ask you why do you think that Carlyle has chosen these particular markets?

  4. please drop us a line at

    We have some theories what is going on with the Carlyle investment on Turkish Schools.

  5. The news article below reports that about 6 million kids drop out of schools in Turkey. So your numbers should go up.

  6. Thank you, another example of the poor education system in Turkiye ranked BELOW standard.

    Yet.................these Gulenists have conned some school districts in the USA that Turkiye has some sort of stellar education. If these school districts had done their research they would know this to be untrue and only one more of the many marketing ploys of the Gulen Movement.

    They must look in the mirror and tell themselves how great they are.