Gulen's American Empire

Gulen's American Empire
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Second Gulen private school to sell Amity School of Brooklyn, NY where Magnolia's Varol Gurler taught

Is money tight in the USA for the Gulen Network? Amity School the Gulen operated private school in Brooklyn, NY .  The Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) has put up one of its private schools in Brooklyn, New York for sale due to economic problems, reports said on Wednesday.
The terror group’s U.S.-based schools have frequently been scrutinized for a number of irregularities and have been raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).FETÖ has put up its the Amity School on sale due to economic problems while FBI investigate the terror group’s US-based schools
The Amity School, which was put up on sale via Cushman & Wakefield Company, is located in a 7-square-meter field in Brooklyn, New York. No details about the private school’s sale price are yet to be mentioned on the sale advert.
According to information posted on the official website of the school, 256 students have been receiving education since 1999.
FETÖ runs a global network of charter and private schools, from Africa to Central Asia but mostly in the U.S. to gain income and impose its ideas to the students.
Charter and private schools linked to FETÖ in the U.S. are facing several probes by FBI in four states, although the FBI is quiet about the progress of the probes, which is reportedly focused on shady business practices by the charter and private school chains.
The schools in the U.S., some of which have changed names over time, were opened in the late 1990s and beginning of the 2000s. Around 60,000 students attend the schools annually.
FETÖ’s schools in the U.S. are usually gathered under umbrella organizations and are managed through foundations. As an example, there are 46 schools — all under the name “Harmony” in Texas, 30 schools under the name “Concept” in and around Ohio, as well as Magnolia.
While the judicial processes continue over FETÖ’s schools in the U.S., the American public has also started to express more doubts about the schools, according to U.S. media reports.
Residing in Pennsylvania since 1999, FETÖ’s leader Fetullah Gülen is the man who controls these schools and the $500 million annual income.
FETÖ[Office1] is the terror group not only behind the failed July 15 coup attempt but a string of crimes including two previous attempts to overthrow democratically-elected government in Turkey, money laundering, sham trials and imprisonment of its foes through its infiltrators within the police and judiciary systems, as well as the state apparatus.
Several countries, including Chad, Guinea, Iraq, Pakistan, Rwanda and Somalia, took action following the July 15 coup attempt regarding FETÖ schools in their respective countries to be transferred to the Turkish Maarif Foundation

Amity School of  Brooklyn, NY is the second private Gulen school to sell the first was Putnam School of Science in CT.

Gulenist VAROL GURLER taught at Amity School but is now Principal of  Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Ana (Elementary School)  We have discussed his moving around the USA here:  

Amity School Varol Gurler   <-----Click

Varol Gurler at Magnolia Science Academy Ribbon cutting

Varol Gurler at Amity School Graduation 3 years ago (Gulen Private School)

Gulen Private School Brooklyn Amity School Profile from Gulen Cemaat

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